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Prince Islands

What Are the Princes’ Islands of Istanbul

The Princes’ Islands (Kızıl Adalar or just Adalar) are a chain of nine rather small islands in the Sea of Marmara. They evolved from a place of exile during the Byzantine era, to a popular destination for tourists and Istanbulites alike to escape the hectic city life for a day. Of those nine islands, only four of them are open to the public: Büyükada, the biggest and most popular, Burgazada, Heybeliada and Kınalıada.

Princes’ Islands Features

The main feature of any of the Princes’ Islands is the sound of … silence. All motorized vehicles are banned, making the islands an oasis of peace and quiet. The only sounds you’ll hear are bicycle bells and the typical sounds of horse hoofs. Yep, that’s right. Horse-drawn carriages and bicycles are the main transportation means on the islands.

But that’s not the only feature that makes the Princes’ Islands unique. You’ll find yourself walking or riding through narrow streets flanked by either untouched pine-forests or fine, wooden Victorian cottages. How is that for a unique fin-de-siècle flash back?

How to Get to the Princes’ Islands … and Back!

By boat, that goes without saying. But there are different ferries to choose from. There are the  regular ferries operated by Şehir Hatları.

Both ferry types depart from Kabataş  or Eminönü— easily accessible with public transportation. From Taksim you can take the F1 Kabataş-Taksim funicular or from Sultanahmet you can get on the T1 Kabataş-Bağcılar tramway.

The sea buses are the fastest option. If it stops at all the islands, the trip will last for 55 minutes maximum and sets you back for 10 TL (7,80 TL with the Istanbul Kart) per person — one way.

The regular ferries are slower and can take as much as 100 minutes, depending on the amount of stops it makes. The upside is that they are cheaper (only 5 TL per person, or 3,85 TL with the Istanbul Kart) and make more runs back and forth.

If you plan to visit the islands, make sure you get on the very first sea bus (fast ferry) to the islands on any given day. You’ll beat the (local) crowd to the islands — and check upon arrival when the last ferry (fast or conventional) departs back to Istanbul! Although some islands have nice hotels, you don’t want to miss the last ferry. Then, spend as much time as you want on (one of) the Princes’ Islands, and return to Istanbul with whichever ferry you prefer.

The ferry timetables change according to the seasons, so make sure to check the exact departure dates of the sea buses (fast ferries) or the conventional ferries. (Look for Adalar or Island)

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