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Klein is not like other Istanbul clubs. “It’s just like Berghain,” someone said in the queue outside, referring to the infamous Berlin nightclub. And he was right, to a point: like Berghain, Klein is big, the music is powerful, and the people are not just there to be seen – they’re there to dance. But the endless game of comparing Istanbul nightlife to other cities does not do Klein justice. This is one place that couldn’t exist anywhere but Istanbul.

Once you’re through the coat-check, walk down a dark flight of stairs to a subterranean playground. Decorated like the house of some old and very rich man-about-town, Klein walks the fine line between decadence and kitsch. It’s a homage to detail and spectacle, from vintage furniture and cheap romance novels to golden statues and live dancers suspended from hoops above the DJ booth. The DJ, of course, is the main attraction. With an excellent sound system, Klein hosts an array of local and international DJs who serve up a mix of futuristic techno and hedonistic electronica. It’s easy to stay on the dancefloor until the lights come on.

The crowd itself – mostly young and dressed in black – looks like it has drawn pleasure-seekers from every neighborhood between Etiler and Moda. But the space is large enough that even when it’s full it does not feel over-crowded. With two long bars running the length of the club and waiters making their way through the crowd, it will never take you long to get a drink. All told, Klein is highly recommended.

Phone Number: (0212) 291 84 40

Address: Cumhuriyet Caddesi, Cebel Topu Sokak No. 4 Harbiye

Hours: Friday –  Saturday,

                11:00pm – 4:00am
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