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Fıccın is a well-known Beyoğlu restaurant located on a side street off İstiklal. Very popular with those living in the area, it is known as an esnaf (tradesmen’s) restaurant and, while it is true that the menu features many dishes that you could find in most Turkish restaurants, there are a few Circassian specialties thrown in the mix. This is by no means a fancy restaurant, but rather a simple and cozy eatery, the type of place where patrons come for a quick, hearty, and filling meal.

One of the best-known Circassian dishes is çerkez tavuğu, a dish made with shredded chicken, puréed walnuts, and garlic, drizzled with a mixture of melted butter and paprika, and Fıccın’s version is delicious, perfectly rich and creamy. Another Caucasian classic is the tasty tulen chicken soup, also made with shredded chicken and garlic and served in a clear broth.

The namesake fıccın is a kind of flat, baked minced-meat pie, lighter and more flavorful than expected. The Caucasus region is known for its dumplings, so Fıccın makes a Circassian version of the Turkish mantı, offered stuffed with either meat or potatoes, and the result is more of a cross between Turkish mantı and a Polish pierogi. Far bigger and plumper than your standard Turkish mantı, Fıccın’s version is similarly slathered in a thick garlicky yogurt sauce and drizzled with red pepper-infused oil. Fıccın is a great option for sampling Circassian dishes, which are delicious, hearty, and simple, perfect in the cold winter months.

Address: İstiklal Caddesi Kallavi Sokak No.13/1 İstiklal
Hours: Monday – Sunday / 7:00am – 12:00am
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