Çukurcuma Hamamı

In various sources it is stated that Çukurcuma Hamam was built in the 1830s, when the wife of Abdulhamid I and the spiritual mother of Mahmud II, French-born Naqshidil Valide Sultan brought the water installations to the Çukurcuma area, Çukurcuma Hamamı was also known as the Sürahi Hamamı and then called Süreyya Hamamı by locals. The Kubbe* covering the warmness, Göbektaşı* and Halvet* are very bright and spacious and still reflect the magnificence of their era.

Hamam means bathhouse in some languages and Turkish hamams are famous in history.
This historical boutique Turkish hamam is the sister hamam of Hotel Peradays.
If you are interested in ‘having a hamam experience, please keep in your mind that, you will have a 10% discount as guests of Peradays, and contact us for a reservation in Çukurcuma Hamamı.

It is also known that at Çukurcuma Hamam’s past the great poet Constantinos Kavafis of Alexandria who lived in Istanbul between 1880 and 1885 was one of the famous and important regents of the Hammam.

Recently, in 1997, the rewarding Turkish / Italian director Ferzan Özpetek used Çukurcuma Hamamı for his first feature film HAMAM, to shoot the Göbektaşı* and Camekanlık* scenes.

Çukurcuma Hamamı, which was closed to operation in 2007, has begun to accept its guests as a boutique Turkish Hammam in September 2018 after a long renovation period.

*Kubbe: The Wide Dome

*Göbektaşı: The Squared Heated Marble In the Middle

*Halvet: Sweating Cabin Area

*Camekanlık: Lounge Area

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